Keep Your Employees Cool and Happy

Keep Your Employees Cool and Happy

Commercial HVAC repairs in Evansville, IN

Have you ever sat in a freezing office when the heat went out? Or sweated through your clothes on a hot summer day at work. Don't make your employees spend time in an uncomfortable office in Evansville, Indiana. The experienced and skilled contractors at A & A Precision Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration will repair, maintain and replace your HVAC units. Here are a few signs you need to call A & A Precision Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration:

  • Your utility bill is sky-high, but your office doesn't feel any different.
  • The food in your commercial refrigerator went bad quickly.
  • Your employees are complaining about the temperature in your building.

Reach out to us to learn how we can keep your commercial property comfortable and company morale up all year.

Trust us with your commercial refrigeration needs

Good refrigeration is crucial to certain industries. Our technicians will repair or replace your:

  • Hospital refrigeration equipment
  • Laboratory refrigeration equipment
  • Freezers
  • Ice machines
  • Walk-in freezers and coolers


Not sure what the problem is? Call 812-401-1711 and we'll send an A & A Precision Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration technician to check out your refrigeration units.